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MyEclipse. Unify your development in a single Java IDE that includes the best tools for the full stack developer.

...MyEclipse Enterprise, так как Spring Framework предоставляет бо́льшую свободу Java-разработчикам в проектировании приложений, чем модель Enterprise: http...

Eclipse vs. MyEclipse Eclipse and MyEclipse are somewhat similar at first glance; however, once you get to use them more often, you will realize that they are completely different.

1. Modeling with UML1. MyEclipse provides the following UML 1 features: UML Diagrams: Use-case, Class, Sequence, Collaboration, State, Activity, Deployment.

MyEclipse 2014 is a commercially available Java EE and Ajax IDE created and maintained by the company Genuitec, a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation. MyEclipse is built upon the Eclipse platform, and integrates both proprietary and open source code into the development environment.

MyEclipse 8.6 (все редакции: Enterprise, Blue, for Spring). Год/Дата Выпуска: 2010. Версия: 8.6. Редакция MyEclipse for Spring - это расширение MyEclipse Enterprise до модели Spring...

New from MyEclipse: HTML5 & jQuery mobile tools, full PhoneGap APIs support, jQuery & user templates support, REST + JPA reverse engineering, and Java EE 7.

3. Introduction. MyUML provides developers the MyEclipse developers with the following UML features: • UML Diagrams: Use-case, Class, Collaboration, State, Activity...
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